Netmark Develops New Tools to Assist Companies’ Internet Marketing Campaigns

Idaho Falls, ID (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

Netmark, an internet marketing agency that is easily recognizable as one of the most successful and effective, has been revamping their suite of internet based tools to help website analyze their current situation, develop an effective marketing strategy, and then to assist the professionals and experts at Netmark to achieve desired results. Netmarks tools that are available to clients include a Keyword Intelligence tool, YouTube and Rank Reconnaissance, and Site Intelligence. One tool only available internally, used in putting together their landmark Ranking Factors Correlation Study, is a website scrapper that collects data and references links to understand what affects ranking. Netmark uses all of the tools they have developed to be able to maintain their superiority in the internet marketing industry while providing the best results possible for their direct clients and the internet marketing agencies with which they consult.

The Keyword Intelligence tool is one of Netmarks most important tools. To effectively use the Keyword Intelligence tool, first, it is important to use Google AdWords free Keyword Tool. The Google Keyword Tool gives great insight into the Pay-Per-Click competitiveness of keywords, which also correlate to search engine marketing competitiveness. Using the data downloaded from the Google Tool, Netmarks Keyword Intelligence tool will use the data to display how difficult it will be to rank for a keyword. This is accomplished by looking at the different attributes, such as search volume and price-per-click, as well as links and current social media interactions of the ranking websites. All in all, Netmarks Keyword Intelligence tool is one of the greatest tools available that clearly demonstrates what work needs to be accomplished for a website to effectively rank for the given keywords they are targeting.

The YouTube and Rank Reconnaissance Tools are designed to display where websites rank according to their keywords. For example, if a domain enters their website into the tool and then enters a keyword, the tool will display what their ranking is for that keyword. This is particularly valuable in escaping the search engine bubble, or in other words, customized filtered results that search engines provide according to search history, cookies, and location of users. The YouTube Rank Reconnaissance is important as ranking YouTube videos on the front page of search engines is easier than ranking a website.

The Website Intelligence tool gives a score to every known ranking aspect of a website and lays down a road map that is both informative and easy to follow. The Website Intelligence tool is designed to breakdown websites into component parts to yield an understanding of how the website is performing in relation to their competitors and ranking websites. This tool gives a clear idea of what needs to change and where website owners should focus their attention for improvements.

All in all as Netmark looks forward they will continue to refine their tools to help companies achieve their marketing desires. This is accomplished through keeping on top of current search engine trends as well as algorithm updates. Netmark understands that they are in a very competitive industry and therefore have taken every available avenue to succeed: Netmark hires educated and experienced professionals and experts while developing cutting-edge technology and tools to ensure that they net the greatest results.

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