Netmark Incorporates Social Media Marketing into All Aspects of Internet Marketing

Idaho Falls Id (PRWEB) September 26, 2013

Netmark, the award winning internet marketing agency located out of Idaho Falls, is pleased to announce that in compliance with their marketing studies they have incorporated social media marketing into all aspects of their internet marketing campaigns for their clients. Netmark is noteworthy as an internet marketing agency that has grown to predominance over the course of the last two years, impacting the success of both their clients and other internet marketing companies through consultation. One of the major projects that Netmark has embarked upon this year has been to publish a series of internet marketing research papers identifying current ranking factors and their importance. This is important as there have been several large search engine algorithm updates that have affected ranking throughout the year. Using this gathered information, Netmark has put together new strategies for their clients that incorporate the discovered data. This includes incorporating social media into all aspects of a strong marketing campaign.

Using proprietary software that Netmark developed, Netmark was able to effectively correlate what attributes a website must have to rank for any keyword. This data has been published in a series several times throughout the year beginning in June and Netmark continues to unveil new aspects of ranking for websites. Using this data, Netmark has been able to tweak and adjust marketing campaigns of their clients as well as consult with other internet marketing agencies to achieve greater results and success.

One of the largest finds of the correlation study was that a strong social media outreach was correlated to high rankings. This makes sense as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are popular social media sites used by companies worldwide. Using social media, Netmark has been able to help companies that were performing well, but not at desired results, to increase the overall traffic and conversions to their site.

Looking forward, Netmark will continue to update their marketing research and push out new information and updates as search engine algorithm updates occur. Netmark is committed to remaining one of the most powerful voices in the internet marketing industry and continues to set new trends and achieve results.

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