Netmark Is Pleased to Announce The Launch of New Site Intelligence Tool

(PRWEB) July 16, 2013

Netmark, the highly awarded and critically acclaimed internet marketing agency located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is pleased to announce the launch of their new Site Intelligence tool. This tool, which will be available to the public in a few weeks, is a significant upgrade to the previous Site Intelligence tool they had developed in 2012. The Site Intelligence tool gathers information about websites, compares the gathered information against competitors and top ranking websites for identified keywords, and then gives insights into how the website can be fully developed to maximize rankings and user interactions. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Site Intelligence tool is that it uses the data gathered from Netmarks Correlation Study to evaluate websites, thus all of the recommendations are shown to have immediate and strong correlative success in improving the websites performance.

Netmarks acclaimed Correlation Study used another tool created by Netmark, an expansive and detailed website scraper, which used keywords to compile the data of shared attributes in aggregate of top ranking websites. Website attributes included exact match domain names, backlinks pointing to the websites, content, and when possible, website activity. Using this data, Netmark was able to create a market research which showed the correlation between these attributes and their rankings. Thus, a database was born that gave insights into what attributes correlated to ranking and in what ratios they are needed.

Using the data gathered from the Correlation Study, Netmark has revamped their popular Site Intelligence tool to reflect the current trend in search engine marketing. Now, the new Site Intelligence tool accurately reflects these metrics and ranks websites according to the ranking attributes and their importance. This data is invaluable because it will be used to plan a personalized internet marketing campaign that should net the best results while having the greatest impact.

The new Site Intelligence tool operates by entering in a primary URL. The Site Intelligence tool can then have three direct competitors to compare and contrast the primary website against. Another feature is to enter a desired keyword for which the primary website wishes to rank. The Site Intelligence tool then grades and displays the comparative information, while grading the primary website against the Correlation Study, the competitors websites performance against the Correlation Study, and the attributes of the currently ranking websites. As previously mentioned, this data can then easily be used to customize a strategy to outperform competitors while increasing the overall rankings in comparison to ranking website.

Netmark is an internet marketing agency that works directly with business and website owners. In addition to direct internet marketing, Netmark is also an industry leader which aids and consults with other internet marketing firms. Netmark works tirelessly to improve the overall reputation of both the internet marketing industry, as well as internet marketing agencies. Netmark has been recognized and awarded as an industry leader in internet marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, pay-per-clicking advertising, and search engine optimization marketing for nearly two years. Netmark continue to grow and expand, and looks forward to the future of the internet marketing industry and is proud to a pioneer in the field.

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