Netmark Prepares to Launch New Revised Tools

Idaho Falls. ID (PRWEB) August 13, 2013

Netmark, the leading internet marketing agency, is pleased to announce a considerable upgrade to their public toolshed of internet marketing tools. Netmarks internal tools include their Keyword Intelligence, Rank Reconnaissance, Site Intelligence, and YouTube Rank Reconnaissance tools. Netmark advises both independent website owners and small businesses, as well as other internet marketing companies, therefore Netmarks tool shed includes tools that are helpful in analyzing websites in comparison to other websites and providing information critical to planning and executing a successful internet marketing strategy.

Netmark developed their tools to help further their ideal and vision of being a leader not only in the marketing campaigns of their clients, but also to be the leader in the industry. Netmark has never been satisfied as only a marketing firm, but strives to stay on the competitive edge of internet marketing and consulting as well. Because of this commitment Netmark has set themselves apart from the majority of internet marketing firm by trendsetting in the industry. This is clearly seen by the Netmark correlation study and their previous tools. Now with serious changes to both the industry and the search engine algorithm, Netmark is pleased to be updating their tools to reflect no only these changes to the industry but also to incorporate their gained knowledge through the last year since their initial release.

The Netmark tools are all designed for analysis purposes. The Keyword Intelligence tool was designed to input both a website and the keyword with which the website desires to rank and then to analyze certain attributes possessed by ranking websites such as backlinks, keyword density, social media interactions and then to suggest what would be required of the website to rank for the keyword. The Keyword Intelligence tool is an analysis and correlation tool.

Rank Reconnaissance is similar to the Keyword Intelligence tool, but instead of offering correlation and comparison data provides raw data and hard numbers for all of the known variables that Netmark tracks in ranking websites. The YouTube Reconnaissance Tool is similar to the Rank Reconnaissance Tool but focuses primarily on YouTube videos and their ranking. This tool was developed because during 2012-2012 YouTube videos were featured predominately above the fold on the first search engine result page. Currently YouTube videos have been pushed to a different tab; however websites with YouTube videos are still ranking better than those that do not have one produced for the website.

Finally the Website Intelligence tool is perhaps the single most important tool for evaluating and developing a plan to improve a website. Instead of looking at comparative and contrasting data among ranking keywords, the Website Intelligence tool evaluates websites against set attributes, gives a score and a rating to the website, and then offers suggestions to improve the website, which should, under ideal circumstances, increase the ranking of the website. Additional functionality of the Website Intelligence tool is that it will compare the website to specific identified websites to give insights into what the other websites are doing correctly or incorrectly as well. All of this is important information for the website owner in developing a personalized, specific, detailed internet marketing strategy.

Netmark understands that the internet marketing industry is constantly changes. With daily changes to search engine algorithms, more and more competitors fighting over potential clients, and other marketing firms working to promote their own clients, Netmark realizes that it is important to constantly reflect and to adapt their marketing strategy. The Netmark tools are designed with exactly that purpose in mind.

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