Netmark Publishes Minimum SEO Requirements

Idaho Falls, ID (PRWEB) September 06, 2013

Netmark, one of the best internet marketing agencies available, is excited to release continuing information regarding internet ranking factors with a new article entitled, Minimum SEO Requirements. Throughout 2013,Netmark has published a series of search engine ranking studies designed to help companies and websites know what they can to increase their search engine rankings, and therefore increase traffic and conversions to their respective websites. This new infographic depicts what is minimally required for search engine ranking, and Netmark is positive that it will help numerous businesses and website owners help in contributing to the success of their website.

The infographic depicts the success of websites based on their Ranking Page MozRank Scores, Ranking Page Keyword Backlinks, Ranking Page Authority Scores, Ranking Page Backlink Metrics, Ranking Page Social Media Metrics, Ranking Page URL Character Count, and Results With the Following Keyword Match: Phrase Match URL, Phrase Match Domain Name, and Exact Match Domain Name. From the infographic, As a follow-up to Netmarks two search engine ranking studies, both released earlier this year, our statisticians decided a deeper, more vertical look was necessary in order to gain additional insights into Googles search engine ranking algorithm. To do this, our team selected 100 random search engine queries, saved the top 100 Google results for each query, segmented the results by page (groups of ten; i.e. results 1-10, results 11-20m etc.), and analyzed our findings.

This infographic is intended to be used with Netmarks previous two ranking results research that has been released in the last quarter. They are titled, What it Takes to Be on Page One released in July, and, Complete List of Googles Ranking Factors released in June. These studies have all be conducted with the idea that knowing what factors contribute to the success of ranking websites can help other underperforming websites to rank. This then grants valuable insight into the direction that online marketing campaigns should be focused as well as answers the question that every website owner asks, What can I do to increase traffic to my website?

Netmark is an internet marketing agency located out of Idaho Falls. Netmark has received various recognitions and awards for their success in the internet marketing industry, including holding titles of, #1 Best SEO Company and #1 Best Enterprise SEO Company.

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