Netmark Receives 24 Best in Search Recognitions from topseos.com

Idaho Falls, ID (PRWEB) May 10, 2013

Netmark stays on the forefront of internet marketing through research into the internet marketing industry, as well as paying close attention to changes in marketing trends. Recently Netmark has noticed that many buzz words of internet marketing, including search engine optimization, both carry increasing negative connotations as well as unfilled expectations. Looking closely at Googles algorithm and trends, Netmark has begun to focus marketing efforts less on traditional search engine optimization and more on conversion rate and quality content. Shifting the focus from buzz words and instead focusing on the bottom line of their clients, Netmark is able to produce the results that their clients want.

Topseos.com is an independent authority that reviews internet marketing companies. As noted above, many buzz words within the internet marketing industry, search engine optimization, link building, social media marketing, lack definition and therefore it is difficult for potential clients to know what companies are reputable, and which companies are not. Topseos.com has devised strict reviewing criteria to determine which companies can best fulfill an internet marketing campaign. The areas of critique include an internet marketing agencys ability to assess a potential clients situation including an analysis of on-page content and keywords, and off-page criteria including competition. Reporting is also a major aspect of the review process, as accountability and honesty are important in building reliable relationships between vendors and potential clients.

The 24 awards are:

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