Netmarks Correlation Study Stands Strong Through Constant Algorithm Changes

(PRWEB) July 26, 2013

Netmark, a highly rated and successful internet marketing agency, recently published a correlative study analyzing websites versus search engine ranking factors. Since publishing their market research, Matt Cutts, the head of Search Quality at Google tweeted, Multi-week rollout going on now, from next week all the way to the week after July 4th. This is important to Netmark and internet marketing in general because it would appear as if it may have affected the validity of the results Netmark published.

Throughout the month of June,MozCast, an automated website that tracks hundreds of keywords and notes changes in rankings, reported several changes of their monitored keywords. MozCasts findings have pointed to the conclusion that exact match domain and partial match domains are less influential to ranking than previously recorded.

For those that arent fluent in internet marketing, exact match domains are keyword loaded website addresses. An example of an exact match domain is choosing a domain name for a website after a local city and then adding the keyword plumber afterward. Traditionally, and according to Netmarks study, this is significant on-page optimization and can help local companies rank for their keywords.

On the surface, then, it would appear that MozCasts finds are contradictory to Netmarks research which states that one of the most important on-page factors for ranking remains exact match domains. This is not the case however. The Netmark study and MozCasts results show two different points of data and were collected differently.

MozCast, as previously noted, tracks certain website rankings associated with certain keywords in an attempt to pinpoint what causes either an increase in rank position or a loss in rank position after a search engine update has been released.Netmarks study used specially designed software to scrape hundreds of websites across hundreds of keywords to compare and contrast known and suspected rankings factors both between keywords and ranking websites. For instance, Netmark looked at backlinks pointing into ranking websites, header tags, content quantity and format, and domain names. From Netmarks findings, websites that ranked highly tended to have exact match domain names in correlation to the keywords searched. When compared to MozCasts results, which is tracking specific websites over time, it becomes obvious that they are unrelated in their fact finding.

Currently, Netmarks market research is available on their website. Since the last major search engine update, Netmarks correlation study remains the foremost informative research on ranking factors. The information compiled and made available by Netmark is useful for website owners looking to know what they can do to improve their search engine rankings, and therefore the traffic to their website. Netmarks study also benefits marketing companies helping them to know where and how to improve their clients internet presence.

Netmark is a leader in the internet marketing industry with dozens of awards for the quality and effectiveness of their work. Netmark works together with business owners and website companies as well as consulting for marketing firms.

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