Network Traffic Monitor Protection Tool Launched by Idcloak

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) September 11, 2013

idcloak has launched a free HTTPS web proxy, which allows users to visit websites on shared networks without exposing their activity to the scrutiny of local network administrators. The web-based tool, which runs on any device, offers complete privacy to office workers who occasionally need to use their work internet for sensitive or personal purposes.

Network administrators use special software to monitor internet traffic passing through the companys servers, whether WiFi or regular Ethernet, says Robin Welles, chief researcher at idcloak. The administrators put in place special detection systems that raise flags when, for example, a high-percentage of skin-colored pixels are received. Although the reasons for this are obvious and justified, any staff searching about a health problem or just viewing holiday pictures are likely to find their activity observed.

The service provided by idcloak is a simple proxy website with an option to activate SSL encryption between the user and the server they choose. A user visits idcloaks site, checks the SSL box, chooses a server location and then either enters the URL of a website or conducts a search through Yahoo!. All subsequent activity in that browser tab is then protected by HTTPS so network traffic monitors cannot sniff the content as it passes through the network.

The proxy uses an Encrypt URL function by default to conceal the web address of the visited site. Only idcloaks site address is visible. An additional encryption function, Encrypt Page, offers an extra layer of security for the transfer of extremely sensitive content. It also helps users discretely visit sites that are blocked on their internet connection.

Privacy and security are suffering terribly in the modern day internet landscape, says Welles. And we are proud to be part of a community of service providers working to stem that tide.

The release of the HTTPS web proxy comes just weeks before launch of idcloaks advanced privacy service the web VPN. An early-bird discount for the service is currently available on

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