Neural Network Fundamentals (Part1): Input and Output

From A simple introduction to how to represent the XOR operator to machine learning structures, such as a neural network or su…

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11 Responses to Neural Network Fundamentals (Part1): Input and Output

  1. Coen Jonker says:

    I still think people should not make the distinction between perceptrons and support vector machines. The latter thing is a perceptron as well, training is just defined differently.

  2. just fun says:

    great video!

  3. misterZalli says:

    You have 128 videos. Shame that it will change when you upload new video :'(

  4. shortfuse75 says:

    Danny! It’s EZEE! 😀

  5. tan krag says:

    I figure you could limit the amount of data by using integers, -100 to 100 etc.

  6. masterxilo says:

    Soo slow…

  7. migomat says:

    you definitely need a tablet:D but u make great videos. good job

  8. MrHornfox says:

    my neural network thinks you sound hot 😉 

  9. MaxiMixeren says:

    You sounds like lennard in the big bang theory xD

  10. EltBerserker says:


  11. Roshkin says:

    Looks pretty cool. Do you still have the free ebook of making neural nets in c#? If not no problem.

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