Neural Networks for Machine Learning with Geoffrey Hinton

The course “Neural Networks for Machine Learning ” by Geoffrey Hinton of Toronto University, will be offered free of charge to everyone on the Coursera platf…

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5 Responses to Neural Networks for Machine Learning with Geoffrey Hinton

  1. Felipe Rocha says:

    I literally did not believe my eyes when I saw it too!

  2. iwbagiai says:

    i like how he hesitated when he said (compared to the 80s): “now we improved the learning algorithms”, and sounded more certain about “computers have gotten faster”. well there is the demo, which partially sold me to machine learning.

  3. Tamas Kalman says:

    the reverse ‘imagining’ section is simply amazing.

  4. Tamas Kalman says:

    really cool. i remember i was able to implement a very primitive neural network on a commodore 64 two decades ago. it was able to recognize only about 3 patterns in a 3×3 matrix using only 1024 neurons. i’m looking forward to the course!

  5. Goremachine says:

    Wow! Im signing up

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