New Android Virus Forwards Text Messages To Hackers

New Android Virus Forwards Text Messages To Hackers
A new Trojan malware infecting Android phones is capable of intercepting inbound text messages and forwarding them to hackers. The malware, called Android.Pincer.2.origin, is particularly troubling because it can easily thwart the two-step verification …
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Google Android 4.3 spotted in the wild, brings new camera app to Nexus 4
Google's annual developer conference came and went this month without the launch of a new version of the Android operating system. But web publishers (including this one) have noticed a growing number of visits from folks using mobile devices …
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Android 4.3 purportedly spotted on a Nexus 4 as new Gmail app spied in Google
Ready to wrap up the week with some juicy Android rumors? First up, XDA-developers forum members "chaleen" and "innocent36" claim to have spotted a Nexus 4 at the Thailand Mobile Expo that's running Android 4.3. The Nexus 4's "About phone" screen …
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