New Approach to Website Creation Gives Boostabilitys Clients a Leg-Up in Search Engines

American Fork, UT (PRWEB) December 17, 2012

With 82% of consumers using search engines to discover or research products and services (Comscore), every small to mid-sized business needs to make their online presence a priority. According to Boostability Director of Marketing, Kelly Shelton: “The general public has collectively abandoned phone books. When we want to know more about a product or business, we start by searching on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. We want immediate results, reliable information, and professional companiesand we find them online, even when we’re looking for a brick-and-mortar location. Many small businesses are professional, but new customers aren’t discovering them because they don’t have a website that is easily found online. They aren’t getting new leads because search engines aren’t presenting them to potential customers. If customers aren’t finding what they need from one business, they’re looking elsewhere and usually, thats the next available business website listed on Google’s page results.”

“Creating and managing a website is a daunting task for the small business owners who already have many responsibilities. Besides maintaining the site, they have to continuously drive in new traffic and convert that traffic into sales,” said Rick Horsley, Boostability President. He adds, “Finite marketing funds, time restraints, and lack of web savvy make managing a dynamic website while running a business nearly impossible for one person to handle alone.”

Utah-based SEO company Boostability caters to small businesses who want an impressive online presence. For businesses who don’t already have a website, the company has recently developed BoostPages as a proprietary solution that works. These customizable web templates are optimized for search engine visibility and local online marketing. Unlike automated templates that produce web-factory facsimiles, BoostPages highlight the distinct strengths of each business and use evolving SEO principles. Web surfers benefit from the streamlined design, easy navigation, and professionally written content of the websites. The unique approach increases online visibility, develops new leads, and converts traffic for small businesses without diverting the entire marketing budget to SEO research and web development.

Before creating a BoostPage, Boostability interviews the client company to determine relevant information and gain an in-depth understanding of their product and sales process. Specialists build the BoostPage on a strong foundation of SEO principles to help the business establish its rank in popular search engines. The all-inclusive service package takes businesses through the entire process, from development to launch:

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