New BizTechReports White Paper Series Explores Mashups in the Enterprise

Washington DC (PRWEB) April 26, 2010

A new white paper series from BizTechReports.Com (, an independent reporting agency based in Washington DC, concludes that enterprise mashup platforms will play a growing role in how executives in the public and private sector make decisions in todays hyper-dynamic environment.

As the quantity of information in enterprise systems doubles every 18 months many organizations are exploring new ways to rapidly create lightweight, dynamic applications, or apps, that provide immediate insights into their most dynamic issues and questions. In this hyper-dynamic environment, it is no longer feasible for business decision-makers to wait for new applications to be created by an already overburdened IT staff using traditional development tools. As a result, enterprise mashups in general and enterprise mashup platforms in particular play an important new role in the enterprise.

Enterprise Mashup Platforms (EMPs) enable an organization to create a structured environment that accelerates how mashup applications are designed, built and shared in a secure and governed manner. EMPs provide sophisticated tools to create mashups and apps and make it possible for employees to share these mashups and apps with peers in destinations as varied as portals, mobile devices, spreadsheets, SharePoint and Rich Internet Applications.

In an effort to better understand this new technology, the editors of BizTechReports.Com sat down with subject matter experts at JackBe ( to explore the strategic, operational, financial and technological issues that organizations should consider to effectively harness this technology-enabled business solution. This white paper series is available immediately at

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JackBe delivers a trusted enterprise mashup software platform that empowers government and commercial organizations to create, customize and collaborate through enterprise mashups for faster decisions and better business results. The companys innovative Enterprise Mashup platform, Presto, provides dynamic mashups that leverage internal and external data while meeting the toughest enterprise security and governance requirements. JackBe, Presto, Presto Wires, Presto Visual Mashup Composer, and Mashup Macros are trademarks for JackBe. For more information, visit


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