New Book “Diva Pearl the Pekingese: Life After Show Biz” Showcases the Star and Healing Power of a Pekingese

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C., (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

American’s next top dog is a female Pekingese named Miss Pearland yes, bachelors, she’s single and on the rise. Miss Pearl is a former show dog and cover girl. She has her own theme song and has just released her first book, “Diva Pearl the Pekingese: Life After Show Biz.”

Of course Miss Pearl didn’t make it all on her own. She is, after all, still canine. Vicki Gattuso , Pearl’s Mom, has had a small hand in her success. Actually, they helped each other. Vicki created the book following the severe anguish of losing her only sister to heart disease unexpectedly at the age of 50. For comfort and a distraction, Vicki began photographing Pearl and her other dogs. Before long, her photographic hobby turned into something else. Vicki’s friends loved the pictures so much they added some of their own and encouraged her to publish.

Diva Pearl appeals to a broad audience of dog lovers and people of all ages who want to be inspired by great photographs and a stirring comeback story. It chronicles Pearl’s life including her lineage, her career, her favorite activities, and the humans in her world. The “scrapbook” style pages make for a breezy, entertaining read.

A portion of the book’s proceeds will support the American Heart Association, Pekingese Rescue Network, the Humane Society of Greater Akron and Pet Helpers (Charleston, SC).

“Animals help mend and bring joy. I’m grateful to friends, Pearl and my other dogs.” But, Vicki confessed, there was a second motivation. “After some number crunching, I discovered that almost all the ‘big’ dog superstars are male. It’s time for a lady to take the stage.”

Miss Pearl , eight (mid-life), is a Sleeve Pekingese, an ancient toy breed originating in China over 2,000 years ago. Sleeve Pekingese are rare, and were favored by the earliest Chinese Imperial court, when emperors would carry the breed in their sleeves. Pekingese are frequently in the company of VIPs. Jackie O, Liz and Marilyn all owned them.

“Diva Pearl the Pekingese” ( and has been endorsed by Malachy, Best in Show, Westminster 2012, who provided the book’s forward.






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