New Book Offers Guidelines to Unique, Effective Performance Management System

HOUSTON (PRWEB) January 14, 2013

Build a culture of self-motivated employees willing to own their piece of the business and to be held accountable for results. Team Covenant defines an organizational philosophy and leadership approach to manage people and their performance based on developing genuine, sustained trust between the organization and its employees. This and much more can be found on a tried-and-tested, dynamic method of individual, team and organizational accountability that provides a solid core of performers for any company in Randy Hopkins Team Covenant: The Revolutionary Performance Management Approach Thats Turning Companies Into More Competitive, Profitable and Sought-After Employers.

Hopkins documents the process into a succinct narrative that would serve as a model and step-by-step implementation presentation for his readers. His book provides a proven, award-winning (2 SHRM Impact Awards), metrics-driven process (using 3 proprietary software systems) that specifies and measures accountability for every employee, every manager, and the organization as a whole in a structured, but easy-to-administer ongoing repetitive cycle that changes individual and organizational behavior. Stressing real accountability in place of accountability masquerading as compliance, the book furthers its envelope by breaking down the historical us-they mentality of business management.

A first-person narrative of Hopkins companys 30 plus year experience in developing a unique approach to performance management, Team Covenant cites many examples of actual client activities, and uses AZ-Tech as a composite example of its client’s experiences with their approach. It offers real-world solutions, with a step-by-step approach, for business owners to engage and manage people in successful job performance.

Daniel Pink, best-selling NY Times author of Drive, says: “Randy Hopkins understands the new generation of employees and what they need in order to produce exceptional work. Team Covenant offers a thoughtful, holistic approach to human resources that puts people first.” This new work on Hopkins revolutionary method of performance management is a must have for anyone, for executives and employees, who are determined to succeed in the 21st century.

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Randy Hopkins is president and CEO of Team Excellence, Inc., a Houston-based organizational development and management consulting firm specializing in performance management and leadership development. Team Excellence provides its clients with proprietary systems for personality and behavioral assessment, employee performance appraisal, strategic organizational assess

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