New Classroom 911 Service Adds Safety for 84 Million School Students and Teachers

New York, New York (PRWEB) February 13, 2013

InFlight Labs, LLC; aircraft emergency communications provider and finalist for the 2013 Safety Leadership of the Year Award by Air Traffic Control Global announced today they will introduce a new proprietary product named LifeGuard School Protection System that will add a new level of safety and protection for schools.

LifeGuard School Protection System which is scheduled for testing later this month; will offer School-Wide Lockdown and Classroom Emergency Communication Services which will benefit of students, teachers, school staff and emergency personnel during any school crisis.

The LifeGuard School Protection System consists of custom-engineered hardware and software elements, providing a classroom lockdown system and advanced web interface that runs on teacher and staff iPads, Macs, PCs and Smartphones throughout school grounds.

With LifeGuards one touch feature, teachers and staff can send a GPS-based 911 alert to other school employees, along with 100 “+” regional emergency personnel, government personnel, police, ambulance, fire, and 911 authorities. Immediately following the GPS-based message, 2-way audio/video communication and advanced text messaging (2,000 characters per text) between the classroom or school and key regional authorities is established over the LifeGuard interface. Concurrently, the alerting teacher is instructed to can deploy the simple-to-use LifeGuard Door Bar System manually or automatically (in development) to lockdown the classroom from entry.

“The innovative LifeGuard School Protection System will benefit everyone from students, teachers, and staff, to emergency personnel by combining a variety of key resources and cutting edge technology for defense and safety within minutes of a school emergency,” says Jay Bekanich, company Spokesperson.

The LifeGuard dynamic web interface stores more than 18 points of critical information about the school, GPS-location of the teacher or staff member and the current crisis. This vital information is embedded in all video and each real-time message sent and received through the LifeGuard interface. All LifeGuard School Protection System activity is recorded and time-stamped, ensuring accountability.

It is imperative for schools to have a school-wide lockdown and emergency communication system, Bekanich continues. The LifeGuard School Protection System can ‘go live’ within days or weeks, versus potential years through a hardware-only deployment. We will be seeking strategic partners to help cultivate and develop this ‘win-win’ solution that adds an additional layer of safety and security in today’s education environment.”.

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InFlight Labs, LLC: InFlight Labs, LLC is a privately held company with offices in Manhattan, NY, and Los Gatos, CA. The company offers the Leading InFlight 911 Service for aircraft and a finalist for the 2013 Safety Leadership of the Year Excellence Award by Air Traffic Control Global and Air Traffic Management Magazine. For more information please visit:

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