New Credit Card Payment Services Available for Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Shops

Lansing, MI (PRWEB) September 14, 2012

Gift, novelty, and souvenir shops are becoming more popular and lucrative every day. One thing that all merchants who market these big-sellers know for sure is that having the very best in tools for operating their business is imperative. The ability to accept credit cards and debit cards is of utmost importance to any business. More and more each day, mobile payment processing is becoming a must-have for many businesses as well.

To that end, a great number of merchants, both large and small, have searched for the best merchant services providers available. For both online and traditional gift, novelty, and souvenir shops and card shops, Merchant Data Systems has been chosen by more and more savvy business owners for what they have to offer. What they do offer is a great deal more than just credit card processing.

Since 1997, Merchant Data Systems has been committed to providing ground-breaking solutions and the utmost in merchant processing and customer service that is available in the marketplace today. Aside from state-of-the-art credit card terminals, MDS also offers mobile credit card processing, merchant cash advance, payroll solutions, invoicing solutions, shopping cart for the online merchant, and POS Integration for in-store ease of use.

To further expand their online reach, which could definitely prove to be a boon to the gift, novelty, and souvenir shops industry, MDS has recently teamed up with Karma Snack, a progressive Internet marketing company that needs no introduction. They are well-known for their SEO services and other innovative e-commerce marketing solutions. This team-up is projected to further MDS goal of becoming the market leader in their financial services field with their diverse product offerings that now go far beyond just credit card machines.

Both Karma Snack and MDS embrace the same basic philosophy of providing superior service and technical expertise for their online customers as well as conventional retail businesses, like card shops. Karma Snack possesses widespread website development expertise, superior SEO capabilities, as well as advertising and marketing campaign proficiency in handling social media, pay per click, Google AdWords and more. Karma Snacks recently developed software called Snackboard delivers a program that will keep merchants up-to-date 24/7 on every component of their online business, including online marketing campaigns.

In the area of online credit card processing, merchants who utilize MDS services have the ability to accept online credit card transactions that include all major credit cards from Visa, Amex and MasterCard to Diners and Carte Blanch. These online transactions are performed in real time with additional built-in security features. MDS delivers the finest in cost-effective and safe online credit card processing. They have the ability to quickly payment enable any merchants website to greatly increase their profitability.

The MDS Gateway Solutions Suite supports cash, check, and electronic credit Internet payments, providing MDS merchants with a stand-alone Internet payment gateway that makes Merchant Data Systems a true leader in their field. Their Virtual Terminal or Gateway solutions provide safer processing for online merchants who process Internet e-commerce transactions. This allows online merchants to safely secure the comprehensive information that is required to effectively do business on the web.

The ability to provide immediate approval and accept checks online in real-time can also greatly increase the efficiency of operation and provide higher revenue for any online business. MDS also offers affordable integration, fast funding, as well increasingly tougher fraud protection.

With MDS, online payment by check has never been easier. When a customer submits an order on a merchants website and wishes to pay by check, they simply enter their checking account info in the designated field on the payment page. The data is encrypted and then transmitted via MDS secure processing service and then, after cross-referencing the data through TeleCheck, the merchant receives a response code. This all occurs within mere seconds, so that the merchants website can quickly deliver a response to the customer and successfully complete the transaction.

When it comes to merchant financial services, MDS offers a broad selection of progressive options that include equipment financing, merchant cash advances and working capital. They also offer payroll and invoicing solutions to help simplify the day-to-day business of being a card shop merchant. In the current volatile economy, many merchants, large and small, can find themselves in need of additional working capital or a cash advance to stay afloat. MDS offers these options to their customers with a user friendly application process and fast turnaround.

MDS makes cash advances based upon a merchants future credit card transactions, thereby providing working capital even for new businesses. Cash advances do not require a good credit rating or collateral. In addition, there are no mountains of paperwork as with a conventional loan and the turnaround time is amazingly short.

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