New Direct-Response Mobile-Marketing Technology Platform – #250 is Game Changer for Radio Stations, Radio Advertisers, Increasing Call Response, Improving Lead Capture

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 07, 2014

No More Phone Numbers in Advertising: Voice Activated Keyword Technology Platform Connects Advertisers Immediately with Consumers Cell Phones

The biggest obstacle to success in radio advertising is getting consumers to remember a clunky and awkward phone number says Mustard. According to Mustard, who offers the proprietary Pound-250 platform, ( ) is a ground-breaking direct-response mobile-marketing technology that literally revolutionizes the entire marketing paradigm.

There is nothing like this on the market, no one else has it, no one else offers it and it is the single most valuable variable in the marketing equation that finally connects consumers instantly with their cell phones and mass-media market advertisers, says Mustard who has more than two decades of experience in the mass-marketing, media, communications and broadcast industries, who is a multiple-award winning writer/producer director for radio production, video and documentary filmmaking.

Pound 250 Technology: The Missing Link in Marketing & Radio Advertising

With success with other national and local-market radio advertising clients, the best way to describe the Pound-250 technology is to compare it to Google Ad Words for radio advertising. Essentially, says Mustard, a client has the ability to pick a keyword that best describes their companys product or service and that keyword then actually literally becomes the word or phrase in the Call-to-Action in the advertisers radio ad.

Using voice activation technology the consumer just dials #250 on their cell phone when they hear an ad, or later when its more convenient, and they say the keyword. Five unique things happen after a consumer dials #250 in response to hearing a radio ad.

When the consumer hits #250 on their cell phone and says the companys keyword or phrase they heard on the radio, 5 things happen simultaneously.

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