New Drag and Drop, Easy Content Management System Creates Big Savings for Business Owners

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 09, 2013

Titanium CMS introduces a new drag and drop system for website management.

The company has designed this program to be a user friendly small business website editor. The new CMS is a dot net based software system that is affordable and simple to use. Companies are able to edit anything from a few sentences to videos; even add a form or map to enhance the variety of their pages. The drag and drop features makes using their dot net based CMS easy, even for the novice computer user. Business owners can greatly benefit from the cost savings and ease of use of this content management system. People dont need to hire an expensive programmer to manage their website; they can do it themselves.

Some of the features of the Titanium easy content management system include an entire library of user friendly editing modules. Companies can easily rearrange their websites by simply dragging and dropping the content wherever they want on their site, giving it their own flavor and individuality. With the ability to insert video, tweets, facebook, and even custom modules, Titanium CMS gives the end user the flexibility to be creative with their dot net based CMS and easy editing power.

Titanium functions as more than just a small business website editor. In addition to their simple to use editing modules, Titaniums system also includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features at a low cost to help companies rank higher in search results, overall bringing businesses more traffic and revenue. SEO has become increasingly important to the success of online profiles and is constantly changing.

With the Titaniums dot net based CMS, it is easy to create and edit customized text with their customized text module boxes. Users can create a form on the fly with this high functioning small business website editor. Individuals may want to create a request for information form, or a suggestion form. Either is made simple with this easy content management system. This extraordinary website planner can store site files for upload access at anytime, as well as editing photos. They offer media and image galleries so users can easily insert videos and pictures onto their pages. Titanium allows companies to be in control of their search engine marketing. They can select desired keywords to write content for or perform research on popular keywords, so they know how to best optimize and manage their online marketing. For more information, visit their website at

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