New Egyptian Pyramids Discovered on Google Earth!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to New Egyptian Pyramids Discovered on Google Earth!

  1. 6BURG9 says:

    how do you think it should be spelled?

  2. emilytasticz0rz says:

    A MINI SPHINX!!!!!

  3. KurtishaBrister says:

    joe we dont like that thing on your face

  4. Cai Orrebrand says:

    Smart people just found out that this is not true, these are not pyramids and is NOTHING special.

  5. Cai Orrebrand says:

    Don’t, it’s not true. It’s not really pyramids.

  6. OShea0914 says:

    Why is Joe’s surname spelled Bareta?

  7. Darknes2DWC says:

    Indiana Lee Jones. seems legit!

  8. vic0060 says:

    public sex on google earth

  9. SuperUltimateGamerz says:

    I feel cool cuz Im Egyptian lol :P

  10. azncrazy4 says:

    thanks source fed! im using this as a source for my homework.. you guys are gonna make my school year really easy! THANKS!

  11. Brandon Camarillo says:

    indiana was the dogs name

  12. 1Shatter1 says:

    ah, back when Joe had a good old fluffy kitty on his lip! R.I.P joe’s mustache

  13. Kabooom1090 says:


  14. littlepurpleskittle3 says:

    Wizard world!! its gotta be around here SOMEWHERE!

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