New Features Hit Google+, Medical Tattoos & The UK Gets the Galaxy Nexus – GeekBeat.TV

New Features Hit Google+, Medical Tattoos & The UK Gets the Galaxy Nexus - GeekBeat.TV

GeekBeatTV #316: Improvements in the air, a Galaxy Nexus release date, new features on Google+, artificial super skin, and tattoos that could help diabetics say goodbye to needles! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0:29 ANA’s Improvements in the Sky All Nippon Airways is rolling out some impressive changes in all the classes of their international flights – I’ll be trying them out soon on a trip to Tokyo and will let you know what it’s like! 0:50 Galaxy Nexus Release Info Eager future owners of the Galaxy Nexus can expect the phone to land in the UK on November 17 for a price of 550 pounds. 1:00 Google+ Additions Google+ announced several updates, including availability to Google Apps accounts, a graph of sharing called Ripples, and changes to the photo capabilities. 1:20 Super Skin Technology similar to that in the faces of touch screen phones may soon give us artificial “super skin”. 2:21 Medical Tattoos Researchers are developing special tattoos that change color and can be read by an iPhone to track changes in glucose and sodium. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Checkout all of the Revision3 Halloween episodes! We’d love for your to Like, Favorite and Share today’s episode on YouTube! GeekBeatTV #316: Thank you to all of you Geekers for participating and commenting! What do you think about the super skin and medical tattoo news?!?! Technology never ceases to
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11 Responses to New Features Hit Google+, Medical Tattoos & The UK Gets the Galaxy Nexus – GeekBeat.TV

  1. regtracker says:

    Gee, wonder how long it will be till we all have to get these “medical tattoos” ( for our own safety of course).

  2. MySyTube says:

    Lol, I can’t believe I just read that. Like, it’s so local, I could’ve read this on my facebook wall ha. I feel like I’m going to see you in person randomly now.

  3. mike gural says:

    Hi there, do you know if the Galaxy Nexus will be coming to Telus Mobility in Canada at all, and when. Please let me know if you can and thanks. Sincerely: Mike from Canada Mississauga Ontario

  4. ibmxx says:

    Speak woman speak lol

  5. MrKennedy500 says:

    i love living in the united kingdom 😀

  6. jahanzeb360 says:

    Cali ur awesome!!!!

  7. MonkeyNinjaDo says:


  8. Matt0ldMan says:

    what a babe

  9. MultiGeekster says:

    all the stuff you review is well old now, you need to get on top of your game

  10. geekbeattv says:

    Yep, our studio is in Addison, just north of Dallas. :) –Cali

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