New Firm Brings Fresh Approach To Data Collection via Surveys and Polls

(PRWEB) January 29, 2013

A new company, Survey Dynamics, LLC, has launched a new project that they hope will bring a new kind of insight into polls and surveys. Instead of extrapolating from small sample sizes, polls the same large group of people over and over again on the same questions. This method allows Survey Dynamics to measure actual shifts in sentiment on particular issues.

As an incentive for survey takers to participate, rewards them with immediate access to free Ebooks, mp3s and audio files from independent artists, apps, and other digital products. The personal information of the survey takers is never given away. Authors, musicians, and software designers in turn have the ability to put their work before thousands of people all at one time.

The data from the survey is compiled by Survey Dynamics and any noteworthy changes in sentiment is analyzed and, if warranted, publicized. The company does not at all suggest that their results have any necessarily correlation to the views of a region or the entire nation, but believes that by being able to tap into the same group of individuals over the course of time yields its own kinds of insights. also allows political campaigns, corporations, and other interest groups to access the data. Since their service is geared towards measuring changes in sentiment from one survey to the next, their basic package allows data consumers access to the results from two surveys. accepts an unlimited amount of survey takers and has announced two promotional drives to sign up new survey members. By ‘liking’ their home page, two Ebooks are revealed for download. By becoming a member, they are given access to an award winning book, even before taking their first survey.

Those who want to receive announcements about survey results and learn about new digital incentives are encouraged to ‘like’ the SurveyTrends Facebook page. Those who enjoy taking surveys and receiving freebies for their efforts will need to register for a user account.

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