New Game Plan Lets Palm Harbor Florida Home Owners Sell Houses without Waiting for Buyers or Paying Commission

(PRWEB) April 09, 2014

Homeowners who want to sell Palm Harbor, Florida homes without waiting for a buyer or paying commission for a fair price and generous cash down payment acquired a new resource yesterday when Advanced Realty Team, a Tampa Bay area brokerage that actually buys houses, announced the expansion of its Up the Down Special.

The new program was inaugurated recently in Holiday, FL. and is now available in parts of Hernando, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties, the firm said.

We hope this program will be available in all of the Tampa Bay area soon, so more people can sell their homes fast when they need to, said George Beardsley, broker-president of Advanced Realty, the Dunedin, Fl-based brokerage boutique that offers a service for people who want to sell a house fast by buying the house from them.

This offer is limited to houses priced less than $ 100,000 and in excellent condition with no mortgage or other liens, Beardsley said, and there is no requirement that the seller must live in the home.

We buy estate homes by mail and we buy houses in foreclosure for cash, Beardsley said, and we buy houses needing work.

We can buy almost any house, in any condition–economic or structurally, he said.

Other brokerage firms list a house in the expectation someone else will actually buy their listing and the firm will earn a commission for selling the house, Beardsley said. Advanced simply and quickly buys the house and does not charge a commission, the firm said.

While this offer is limited to moderately priced, free and clear homes that need little or no repairs, the firm has other programs designed to buy homes under just about any condition, Beardsley said.

Advanced will buy estate homes by mail, homes for sale by owners, and homes needing work, he said.

Advanced will pay cash for homes in foreclosure and homes upside down, where the mortgage is larger than the value of the home, he said.

Under the new program the firm will pay the current value assigned by with 20 percent of the sale price paid to the seller in cash. There is no commission and the buyer pays all closing costs. The balance will be paid to the seller monthly until paid in full.

If the agreed upon sale price is 10 percent below the price, Advanced will pay 30 percent of the sale price to the seller in cash and at 20 percent below price, the firm will pay the seller 40 percent of the sale price in cash, the firm said.

Holiday was the test market for us and now the program is offered in three counties in the Tampa Bay area and we hope to expand the program throughout Tampa Bay as soon as possible, Beardsley said.


George and Maryan Beardsley, two former stock brokers, founded Advanced in 1996 after spending several years working for a national franchise real estate firm and gradually doing a larger portion of their business buying and selling homes for themselves and financing sales for other Realtors.

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