New gesture-controlled website to tour Kerala

New gesture-controlled website to tour Kerala
The department's award-winning website ( is one of the most-visited tourism websites in the world. Recently, Kerala Tourism had organized a live webcast of a Theyyam performance from a temple on its website for a global audience.
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Yahoo tops web traffic poll for the first time since 2011
For the first time since 2011, Yahoo has topped a ComScore list of most visited websites in the US in July 2013, beating Google to the number one spot. Yahoo's sites, including Flickr, News, Answers and Finance racked up 196.6 million unique views in …
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Poison Ivy discovered in on-going espionage efforts
Several exploits have been used in all of the on-going campaigns – for instance, those in Microsoft Word, Java and Internet Explorer – allowing saboteurs to booby-trap vulnerable files or web pages that victims opened or visited. Kindlund said that …
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