New Gmail look

New Gmail look

Image by ian murchison
I’m liking the new Gmail look. The ninja theme is pretty neat as well.

It’s not on their official page yet hmmm…

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3 Responses to New Gmail look

  1. Rustybuckets says:

    That’s cool. Where is that though? I don’t see that on mine. Or is that just like a greasemonkey script?

  2. AMagill says:

    @Rustybuckets: You’ll get it soon. Google usually rolls out new features slowly, testing how people (web browsers, their servers, etc.) react to them before bringing them out to more people. Usually no more than a week or two.

  3. SMN says:

    hey. which theme is this? I couldn’t pick one I could tolerate so I reverted back. but I like this one.

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