New Google-powered map helps fight deforestation

New Google-powered map helps fight deforestation
Drag the handle to adjust the minimum tree cover canopy (TCC) density for UMD/Google tree cover loss and extent displayed in the figures and infographics. TCC density represents the estimated percent of a UMD/Google pixel that was covered by tree …
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Yik Yak Quietly Dropped From Google Play Charts In October
If the rise of anonymous apps has proven anything, it's that humans can be ugly creatures when the social pressures that keep our baser natures in check are removed, and we're allowed to share our darker sentiments and thoughts – sometimes, for nothing …
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Google Webmaster Tools Adds Blocked Resources Report & Updates Fetch
Google announced this morning that it has launched a new report within Google Webmaster Tools called the Blocked Resources Report. This report helps webmasters discover images, CSS, and JavaScript that GoogleBot cannot reach because they are …
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