New Home Sales Coach Presents 3 Real World Strategies for Generating Leads on Facebook and Turning them into Buyers on Thursday December 20th

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) December 19, 2012

Ask any home builder or remodeler if they think facebook should be part of their marketing efforts and more often than not, the answer is ‘yes’. Ask them what their strategy for using facebook and the answer is not so clear.

Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach, a new home sales training firm that specializes helping home builders and remodelers reach their sales goals, is helping small to medium size builders use facebook to generate leads and increase sales.

“I find most builders have set up a facebook business page. A lot of them have added some content and even have a few Likes. However, very few if any know how to use it properly and nearly none have been able to track home builder sales,” Storlie recently commented.

According to, as of 12/5/12 facebook now generates 750,000,000 unique monthly visitors and is the second most visited website in the world. Facebook’s nearest social media competitor is Twitter with roughly 1/3 of the monthly visitors.

Yet, with all the new business potential of facebook, the housing industry finds itself locked out of the profit potential. Storlie contends there is a simple reason for this.

“Builders today treat facebook just like any other advertising medium. And that’s the problem. They’re not integrating advertising with marketing and their sales process. They’re expecting to advertise their products and services and then get a sale. That’s called one step marketing and it doesn’t work anymore,” said Storlie.

Instead of a one step marketing approach, Storlie helps builders integrate a multi-step approach. That is, building a sales funnel that creates awareness, consideration and commitment for the builder’s services through a series of steps.

“In any builder’s market, 90% of his future buyers are invisible to him. They’re researching options. Talking to friends, family and co-workers but not contacting the builder until they decide to make themselves visible,” Storlie commented. “The majority of value is created in the invisible market. And that’s where facebook is so powerful.”

Think of the buying cycle of a new home or remodeling prospect as a journey. The first step is uncovering an unmet need. Step 2 is researching options. Step 3 is making a purchase decision. Step 4 is fulfillment and Step 5 is telling people about the experience. Storlie’s theory is steps 5, 1 and 2 are now invisible to builders. Consumers are using web research, review sites, blogs and social media to narrow options and determine value.

“Without exception the highest converting lead type is a referral lead. Everyone gets excited when a client refers one of their friends. This is how builders should be using facebook. Reaching out to the social network of their clients who are more than happy to endorse their services,” Storlie argues.

To prove his theory Storlie along with his partner created a system where a builder could use facebook to systematically generate new leads and convert them into sales. On December 20th, 2012 they’ll be revealing their results via a webinar. Details are below.

What: Case Study Results Revealed: 3 Real World Strategies for Generating Leads on Facebook and Turning them into Buyers (webinar)

When: Thursday, December 20th, 2012 at 11 PST, 12 MST, 1 CST, 2 EST


Cost: $ 0 but limited to 100 attendees

Storlie has created a sales and marketing Scorecard that will tell any home builder or remodeler how well they’re doing today. The Scorecard takes 2 minutes, builders will get an immediate score and see how they compare to their builder peers. Home builders can get their Home Builder Marketing Scorecard by clicking here. Remodelers can get their Remodeler Marketing Scorecard by clicking here.

About Rick Storlie: Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach has been helping home builders and remodelers reach their sales goals since 1992. Visit to access Rick’s free Sales and Marketing Library full of tips from generating new leads, Realtor strategies, sales techniques and sales management secrets. Storlie can be reached at 952-895-5566.

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