New Hospitality Inspection Apps by Inspect2GO Hotel Room Housekeeping/Cleaning, Facility Maintenance/PM, Restaurant and Cruise Ship Cabin – iPad, iPhone or Android

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Inspect2GO is developing a new suite of database software and mobile applications to serve the hospitality industry. The apps automate inspection processes and track performance of workers and locations. Examples include hotel housekeeping inspection applications (stay over and vacancy), preventative maintenance inspection checklists, custodial/cleaning apps and cruise ship cabin inspections.

Applications are not sold in the app stores. Instead, join our May 2012 Beta Sites Program to receive discounts (


Housekeeping App

-Hotel room/Suite cleaning inspection checklist applications on iPhone/iPad

-Hotel room housekeeping attendant quality/productivity/performance tracking (by guestroom, individual, hotel) via web software

-Cruise ship cabin inspection on iPhone/iPad, cleaning, maintenance checklists, restaurant inspection

Maintenance App

-Facility maintenance inspection, QA/QC

-Automated reporting of maintenance issues to engineering department (from mobile device)

-Custodian work inspection checklists on iPad

-Work order ticketing system

Food Safety App

-Restaurant, hotel and cruise ship kitchen food safety inspections and haccp iPad apps

-Health inspection self-audit applications on iPad, iPhone, Android

-Open/close, readiness checklists for restaurants

Custom Custom app and software development for hotels, restaurants, cruise ships


-Inspection – Hotel room/unit/suite quality (QA/QC) inspection software

-Housekeeping – Separate stay-over, vacancy/checkout inspection checklists on iPad, iPhone, Android

-Maintenance Preventative Maintenance (PM), engineering and General Cleaning (GC) checklists apps

-Training Extensive help sections and simple apps reduce training/Easy to use iPad software

-Language – English, Spanish, French/Very simple interface for none technical staff

-Room Inspection Entry, living, sleeping, closet, bathroom/vanity, balcony and kitchen areas, with details such as carpet, furniture, lamps, linens


-Cloud – All app data is sent to/stored in cloud servers upon completion of inspection

-Control Panel – Supervisors/Regional and Hotel Managers/General managers can access all data via web-based admin portal

-Tracking Record/track by inspector, employee, suite no, time/date

-Scoring Total score with weighted items

-Reporting iPad Cloud Database Reports for inspection/quality score, cleaning issues, maintenance issues, housekeeper/attendant/employee performance, frequent issues, retraining needed, report by property, track employee by topic such as Jills average bathroom inspection score this year for performance evaluations and training


-Mobile – Custom mobile apps for data collection, walk through inspection and checklists on IPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android

-Web – Web based control panel development to view, analyze and graph data

-Database Cloud server, SQL database storage of all data, setup per client specifications

-Reporting Custom reporting of employee/staff performance and quality scores

-Charting Custom charts and graphs to easily understand data


-Lodging Hotel, vacation rental, timeshare, luxury units, resorts

-Hotel management

-Property management


-Cruise lines

-Trade shows




Inspect2Go is a mobile application, cloud database and software development company based in Southern California. The firms mobile technology includes inspection checklists and apps with signature, photo, markup, custom reporting, pdf, scoring and database functions. The checklist apps are compatible with Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. Inspection results are sent to Inspect2GOs cloud database for storage. Reports, graphs, trends and data feeds can be retrieved from the cloud.

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