New Internet Marketing School Marcademy Offers Marketers One-of-a-Kind Training and a Clear Path to a Job

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

This fall, Marcademy ( opens its doors with the single mission of educating the next generation of world-class internet marketers and helps put them to work doing the things that they love. Based in San Francisco, CA, the new private career training school for modern marketers is currently accepting applications for its Fall 2013 cohorts.

Likened to an apprenticeship on steroids, the intensive, 8-week hands-on emersion program targets up-and-coming marketers, online marketers and growth hackers, focusing on practical, usable marketing skills that most learn on the job over several years. Each cohort is mentored by a team of world-class working marketing professionals whose collective resumes span 100+ years of professional marketing experience from Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, marketing and advertising agencies, non-profits, educational institutions and more.

Marcademy’s timing is perfect, being the first to offer an intensive marketing program, said Michael Staton, partner at Learn Capital and founder and former CEO of Inigral. I dont know of any other school where 100% of the focus is on the way marketing is currently done using technology. The portfolio of real work for real companies is going to put Marcademy graduates far ahead of their competition.

Staton references a recent study from the International Monetary Fund revealing that for many college graduates their skills are inadequate for landing jobs in growth sectors of the economy. Being a college graduate in todays world doesnt always equate to being work-ready. The world’s changing too fast. We need programs that can keep up with the speed of industry, and Marcademy is a program designed to keep up with the world of cutting-edge marketing techniques.

Marcademy is the brainchild of Tim OConnor, who serves as chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors. OConnor has more than 25 years of professional marketing experience, including serving as vice president of marketing and enrollment for UniversityNow and vice president and chief marketing officer for Ashworth College. His professional background also includes managing principal for Zyman Group, senior vice president of marketing for Unisource, and a vice president global marketing for Siemens AG.

Targeting Skills Employers Want

Marcademy teaches how to turn online marketing concepts into real projects for real companies. Students learn through a series of specialized subjects that specifically targets the skills todays employers are seeking in a new marketing hire, ensuring competency in several key subject areas, including:

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Marketing
Analytics & Statistics
Website Optimization
Coding for Marketers
Storytelling & UX
Mobile Marketing
Landing Pages
Customer Insight
Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
CRM Integration
Sales Integration
Basic Product Management
Marketing Ethics

Additionally, at the conclusion of each cohort, Marcademy graduates will experience an outcome like no other an Internet marketing education that clearly leads to a job. Wired into a network of recruiters, leading startups and blue chip companies, students are coached in how to conduct a job search and receive extensive assistance during their search until an offer is made.

For the past few years Ive been keenly aware of the skills gap among traditionally-educated college graduates and the frustration among todays employers who expect a level of professional experience before extending a job offer, OConnor said. This presents the marketing industry with both great opportunities and great challenges. At Marcademy weve set out to challenge the norm in how modern marketers learn their craft.

A Source of Information

In conjunction with the open enrollment period, Marcademy has launched its new website and blog located at The new resource-rich website provides a user-friendly experience and gives prospective students insight the unique point of view their program of study will provide. Also integrated within the website and open to anyone with an interest in current marketing topics is the Marcademy blog that provides a wide range of useful information and tips from leading marketing professionals.

About Marcademy

Marcademy is establishing the new norm in how modern marketers enter the work force with practical job-relevant education. As one of the fastest growing Internet marketing schools for modern marketers, online marketers and growth hackers, the San Francisco-based schools mission is to narrow the skills gap between traditional higher education learning and the practical skills and hands-on experience todays employers are looking for. The intensive, 8-week hands-on emersion program is mentored by seasoned marketing professionals and dedicates the majority of learning to developing a portfolio of real projects for real companies. For more information visit

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