New Kickstarter Campaign: No More Ankle Sprains – Anti-Ankle Inversion-Eversion Basketball Shoe Product Design – Patent Holder: RTC 3 LLC

Detroit, Michigan (PRWEB) April 12, 2015

Ankle sprains are freak occurrences. They usually occur when a player steps on anothers foot while running or rebounding. The Anti-Ankle Inversion/Eversion Shoe Design acts as a crutch to the ordinary sneaker. The wing (product design) is permanently affixed to the heel of the sneaker and it stabilizes the ankle (prevents it from turning inward/outward), providing the athlete the necessary second or two to regain his/her composure and balance. Thus, precluding a player from standing on their ankle, as depicted below. (See photo attachments).

The injuries depicted in the video ( are gut-wrenching and makes one jump in pain and agony. With the typical basketball sneaker, its not “if” youre going to turn/roll your ankle — its when. About 35% of all injuries in the NBA are ankle related. The best players need to be on the floor playing — not laying on the floor. This patented design makes these injuries preventable. No other product on the market has such a safety feature.

What is the Anti-Ankle Inversion/Eversion Shoe?

By providing an extended reinforced wing medially and somewhat laterally, in the area of the calcaneus (heal bone), the wing brace design can control both extensive inversion and eversion of the rear foot. When an athlete is competing in high impact activities (e.g., during basketball play), a typical sneaker will allow undeterred, the player to completely roll his/her ankle at the rear foot and develop medial ankle sprains.

The wing placement on the Anti-Ankle Inversion/Eversion sneaker, actually prevents this (rolling or turning of the ankle) from occurring. The most unique feature of this Anti-Ankle Inversion/Eversion Shoe Design is the ability to limit both kinds of injury (lateral and medial ankle sprains), while being comfortable, trendy and functional at the same time. Source: Medical Expert – Dr. Pamela Karma, DPM, Podiatry and Podiatric Surgery, New York, NY.

Now, with the Anti-Ankle Inversion/Eversion Shoe Design, athletes (men, women, kids, lay, amateur and professional) can compete to the fullest without the fear of missing countless game time to a painful ankle sprain/roll injuries. The time has finally come to modernize the traditional basketball sneaker by doing something other than simply changing the color and paying more money for less of a product.

Why we need your support on Kickstarter

In order to manufacture the shoes, notwithstanding the expert, social media, marketing campaign, shipping and related up-start capital required, well need to place an order for an amount equal to what were looking to raise on Kickstarter ( For direct contact with a representative for RTC 3 LLC to discuss licensing, manufacturing and/or partnership opportunities please contact counselor Ronnie Cromer via:

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