New Live Stream App Shows NBA Stars Belief in Trade Rumor

The new live stream app, Makren, was launched this past Thursday during the NBA drafts. NBA players Ty Lawson and Trey Burke used the app.

In Lawson’s broadcast, he confirmed his beliefs on possible trade rumors. Makren plans on using celebrity engagement to promote the app, which will eventually be available to the public.

The release of a new live stream app, Makren, brought heat to speculated rumors during the NBA draft on Thursday, June 25.

Im going to Sacramento, bro, said Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson when Denver drafted Emmanuel Mudiay, who plays Lawsons position.

Although Lawson was with friends when he made his comment, over 60 thousand viewers tuned into Lawsons Makren live stream.

Social media instantly exploded. A vine of Lawsons broadcast ranked in over 400 thousand views. Denver Post writer Nicki Jhabvala tweeted about Nuggets general manager Tim Connellys phone [blowing] up. Internet searches grew beyond the millions, as outlets, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC Sport and Yahoo! picked up the story immediately after the release see some of links links:

ABC 7 denver news on 1:23 AM, Jun 26, 2015

NBC Sport on Jun 25, 2015, 10:31 PM EDT

FOX sports Jun 26,2015 2:54 PM

Utah Jazz point guard Trey Burke also picked up on the app, using Makren to film a few minutes of himself on a basketball court.

Makren, which translates to project, uses live streaming to connect audiences to broadcasters. Its software allows for simple use, where viewers do not need to download the app, only follow a provided hyperlink on a broadcasters social media page. Allowing for both private and public sharing, the app allows users to make videos as personal or viral as they choose.

As seen in Thursdays events, Makren encourages broadcasters to tell their own stories. Through its key themes, project, connect, and perfect, app users should expect to create projections that connect themselves to their audiences, perfecting communication through live streaming.

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