New LoL Ranking System

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23 Responses to New LoL Ranking System

  1. requium94 says:

    Oh look, he donated 1 mil to charity. I guess that exuses him for being an insta lock douche bag troll. All his dumbass fans know how to say is. “well hurr durr he donated money to charity and that makes him godly.”

  2. Agustin Malianni says:

    I’m afraid you can’t ask anything on YouTube without getting fucking flammed to hell and back.

  3. fabiandoom1 says:

    we donated*

  4. fabiandoom1 says:

    ikr i just google that shit but people may ask it here also cuz its about this video elo and hes just asking

  5. Agustin Malianni says:

    That is what is wrong, if you don’t get what people are talking about, go Google it, inform yourself. Don’t comment bullshit and things that aren’t even related the video. “Just my 2 cents.”

  6. Tyunmklo says:

    Funniest ranked division is “Amumu’s Friends”

  7. wojminator says:

    i like the new ranking system as you don’t need 100+ ranked games played to get the elo you deserve but instead it’s visible that on lol tiers ppl actually play worse than on higher , it’s no longer “have less trolls to win” cuz they changed the gols , the more you die the less gold you give out , eventually giving out 50 gold + 28 for assist ( aka 2 creeps for the killer)

  8. nickprise says:

    The drug lords of that country…. Hopefully not…. Stole the donation

  9. chainsofgames says:

    uhmm i was just pointing that out, and what makes you think i was saying he was a nice person Thanks for wasting my time :)

  10. Alamander8 says:

    Thanks for everything Athene. I also am in that plat to diamond area where i’m striving, and i share your optimism! I look forward to this S3 change, and keep making your videos boss. Always love how you keep it real.

  11. JolliLord says:

    why thank you very much and i’ll assume that your a 14 year old who is trying to be a dick, even?

  12. xTonicWaterx says:

    THANK YOU CPT OBIVIOUS but you can be the Biggest Dickhead in the World AND Donate alot of Money for a Rly rly Good cause…. Thanks for wasting everyones Time : )

  13. Miguel Ferreira says:

    can some1 explain me how the new elo rating system works and when it is comming out?

  14. shanongka says:

    no need to get mad 😮

  15. thrillcode says:

    my comment is really going to stop people from playing… yeaaa naaa

  16. Joshua Williamson says:

    Athene GGNoRe, thanks for the update, but the phycological really isnt my interest but athene and his ideas are really always the bes

  17. MoralSibby says:

    fuck off maybe hes new don’t turn the new guys off of the game.

  18. Chuck Norris says:

    Doesn’t mean he isn’t a provocative douche online.

  19. Masterincommander says:

    its not new, elo is still there its just that you cant actually lose elo now once you move up you stay there boosting will ruin lol, alot of bad players will get boosted and just ruins the fun in your games im sure 2k players do not want 1500 elo players in their games i know i dont

  20. henry tiberio says:

    Hey can you make a videos about runes and mastery build cause I know your good in knowing all that kinda stuff I still remember when you were playing your holy paladin and you were in arena top 3v3 and 5vs5 rating

  21. thrillcode says:


  22. C pt Fox says:

    <.< I’m pretty sure you just qualified for the blue-bus with such a baseless accusation. Way to bring down one individual to glorify another. It’s k, I’ll assume you’re STUPID.

  23. oskarfilen says:

    I dont know anything about the new lol ranking system but more real athene yes please:D

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