New MacBook 2015: Unboxing Fail/Google Hangout

My live (well, was live) unboxing of the New MacBook 12 inch 2015. Some of my Patrons and I had fun with this live unboxing. This is an excerpt of the live video. The rest can be found here:…

16 thoughts on “New MacBook 2015: Unboxing Fail/Google Hangout

  1. THIS VIDEO WAS STREAMED FROM GOOGLE HANGOUTS; hence, the bad quality. I decided upon a different style of unboxing to have some fun. I realize that some of you may not like this style. This video is clearly not meant for you.

  2. Some of my Patreon patrons and I had a chance to do our monthly hangout. I decided to unbox The New MacBook for them, live. Now I am releasing it to you all publicly. Enjoy the ridiculousness.

  3. Liter right after you said ‘thanks Google for technology that doesn’t work properly’ my phone lost the connection to the server on the YouTube app… 

  4. Great ‘funny’ video. Beginning to remember why I ditched Apple (after 6yrs) and went Surface Pro 3. I still own a 2012 Macbook Pro, but OSX is becoming slow, buggy and dare I say bloated. Gone are the days when I boasted about my Apple Laptops that was fast and never ever crashes. Thanks again for the great video.

  5. I dont see why people are complaining about the quality, obviously its a hangout clip. most people watch in 480p on their shotty phones, so they shouldn’t be bitching about the quality 

  6. it’s nice to see u interacting with ur patrons & fans this way, good job & don’t let the negative comments get u down. ur doing a great job

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