New MacBook 2015: Unboxing Fail/Google Hangout

My live (well, was live) unboxing of the New MacBook 12 inch 2015. Some of my Patrons and I had fun with this live unboxing. This is an excerpt of the live video. The rest can be found here:…

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16 Responses to New MacBook 2015: Unboxing Fail/Google Hangout

  1. Erica Griffin says:

    I have a feeling that the complainers are not my normal audience …but passersby. Move along, nothing to see here for you lol.

  2. Erica Griffin says:

    THIS VIDEO WAS STREAMED FROM GOOGLE HANGOUTS; hence, the bad quality. I decided upon a different style of unboxing to have some fun. I realize that some of you may not like this style. This video is clearly not meant for you.

  3. Erica Griffin says:

    Some of my Patreon patrons and I had a chance to do our monthly hangout. I decided to unbox The New MacBook for them, live. Now I am releasing it to you all publicly. Enjoy the ridiculousness.

  4. Craig Sutcliffe says:

    They pay you then tune in on live webcam to watch you turn things on. Hmmm… Really creepy I’m afraid.

  5. JustDavid0823 says:

    I usually don’t watch unboxing videos because I feel like they’re a waste of time, but I liked this new approach. Bravo Erica.

  6. Robert Smith says:

    Wow your hair is really dark in this. Nice

  7. Adam Faulkner says:

    Liter right after you said ‘thanks Google for technology that doesn’t work properly’ my phone lost the connection to the server on the YouTube app… 

  8. Aero Phoenix says:

    Erica there WAS a reddit thread about you, but for some reason was taken down CX maybe these guys came from that???

  9. Clive Sinclair says:

    Great ‘funny’ video. Beginning to remember why I ditched Apple (after 6yrs) and went Surface Pro 3. I still own a 2012 Macbook Pro, but OSX is becoming slow, buggy and dare I say bloated. Gone are the days when I boasted about my Apple Laptops that was fast and never ever crashes. Thanks again for the great video.

  10. Robo Cop says:

    I dont see why people are complaining about the quality, obviously its a hangout clip. most people watch in 480p on their shotty phones, so they shouldn’t be bitching about the quality 

  11. Syahmi Samri says:

    Are you the only one with problems on your MacBook? Software wise

  12. Electro says:

    Erica is glowing man glowing

  13. Nicholas Nore says:

    A 1500 dollar Facebook machine.

  14. Eemeli Saarelainen says:

    This live unboxing is a really hilarious concept. I want more of these!

  15. Edward G says:

    10:17 DAMN that guy at the bottom cracked his neck?

  16. Dean Vandaele says:

    it’s nice to see u interacting with ur patrons & fans this way, good job & don’t let the negative comments get u down. ur doing a great job

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