New “Mazelations” Song – Essential For Every Trendy Wedding Reception

Toledo, Ohio (PRWEB) February 24, 2015

Move over, Bridezilla ” There’s a new “Portmanteau” in town.

Midwestern singer-songwriter Robby Laurenz has written, recorded and now promoting what he characterizes as the ‘next staple on every wedding reception song set list.

Laurenz describes his newest track, Mazelations, as the perfect celebration, party, and wedding reception song. The song features a fast, strong dance beat, an infectious sing-a-long chorus, and a positive all-inclusive wish for a lifetime of happiness and dreams that come true.

Laurenz penned Mazelations after first hearing the word from a good friend who, in casual conversation, combined the words Mazel Tov and Congratulations. Without realizing it, the friend had stumbled upon whats known in grammar as a PORTMANTEAU, a word deriving its sound or meaning from blended words or phrases. Fusing words into new terms is a popular grammar tactic among advertisers, news reporters, and social media posters, and many portmanteaus find their way into our permanent vocabulary.

Mazelations crosses over some more traditional ways of expressing joy in various cultures.

No matter how you express it, the hope and prayers for a loved ones health, hope, and happiness is a universal sentiment, says Laurenz.

Laurenz recruited friends and family members to sing background vocals on the recording, including his friend who introduced him to the word Mazelations.

Mazelations is available for preview and purchase for download on most popular online music stores, including iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. For additional information, please visit

About Robby Laurenz

Raised in the Midwest, Laurenz worked his way through school as a part-time musician. He appeared in bars and nightclubs, performing cover songs at nights and on weekends.

Having grown up on almost every music genre, Laurenz understood at an early age how we tend to associate music with specific moments in our lives. If only, he thought, there was a song that caused people to recall the sheer joy of a lifetime moment a wedding or the birth of a child then perhaps those musically induced memories could put them in happier, celebratory moods. Laurenz never stopped searching for that special song, and when he couldnt find it, he wrote Mazelations.

There are lots of party songs, and anybody can party just to party, explains Laurenz. But when you experience a once-in-a lifetime moment, and celebrate with the people you love most in your life, then that celebration reaches a whole new level.


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