New Merchant Services Available To Wig And Toupee Stores

Baton Rougue, LA (PRWEB) September 09, 2012

Many merchants who operate wig and toupee stores have recently discovered one of the primary business tools available today to further their businesses and ensure financial success. Most of them have found that operating that type of business without the ability to accept credit cards is often futile and definitely not very cost effective. Merchant Data Systems is now offering new and expanding merchant services to these merchants.

In the past, most merchants entire experience with credit card processing companies was simply in the area of credit card machines; but times have changed. These days, merchant processing means a great deal more than just credit card terminals; and many businesses are now discovering convenient and moneymaking mobile payment options, payroll solutions, cash advance capabilities, and much more. In the area of e-commerce, the SEO and shopping cart, as well as other possibilities offered by merchant services providers to businesses are virtually endless.

Many of those businesses, from the smallest mom and pop wig and toupee stores to larger chains and big box stores, have found that credit card processing and a wide range of other merchant services are currently available at groundbreaking low prices from a company called Merchant Data Systems. MDS is an emerging full-service payment processing company that was founded in 1997. Since then, MDS has fostered a commitment to provide superior service, innovative solutions, and the highest quality customer service and merchant processing available in their field today.

In a recently announced team-up with the innovative Internet marketing company, Karma Snack, MDS is projecting that they will be foremost in the highly competitive field of offering merchants a diverse group of much-needed products in the financial services arena. Together, they have announced that they plan on providing both e-commerce businesses, as well as traditional brick and mortar storefronts, with the most innovative merchant processing solutions, mobile payment options and POS Integration available in the marketplace today.

In addition, the MDS-KarmaSnack team-up will provide SEO services and shopping cart solutions to enhance their online customers e-commerce business plans. Karma Snack has developed advanced software called “Snackboard”, which provides a platform for keeping merchants on top of each and every element of their online business and their online campaigns on an ongoing 24/7 basis. This approach meshes with both MDS and Karma Snack’s philosophy of offering all of their customers 24/7 live support.

MDS now possesses the technology that gives merchants the capability of wirelessly accepting credit and debit cards via their smartphone or wireless terminal. This technology can give merchants a distinct advantage over their competitors at sports events, fairs, and any other remote locations where they might be doing business.

In the area of financial services, their wide range of offerings to merchants include merchant cash advance capabilities, as well as equipment financing and working capital plus invoicing solutions and payroll solutions. User-friendly PCI-DSS solutions, gift and loyalty programs are also in the works. The goal of MDS is to develop throughout numerous industries nationwide, such as the Wig and toupee store businesses, while also fully utilizing Karma Snacks many Internet capabilities to enhance their merchants profitability and increase the rate of consumer visits and subsequent successful online transactions.

Some of the best news for small businesses involves working capital. Without sufficient working capital, a new business cant even get off the ground. MDS offers financial alternatives to rectify that issue, since they will even provide working capital for merchants who have been in business for only a month. Most providers of working capital and equipment financing require a business to have been operational for a much longer period of time. MDS, on the other hand, lends merchants the necessary capital based upon their projected credit card transactions regardless of their present credit rating, which provides the necessary financing needed to succeed.

A merchant cash advance from MDS is not a line of credit or a bank loan, but is simply their way of investing in the future of their customers business. They advance the funds needed for a business to get started and grow; and then the advance is paid back from that growth and the merchants credit card transactions. This process requires no credit check and is usually much faster than acquiring any other type of loan, requiring minimal paperwork compared to a conventional bank loan or line of credit.

Startup capital for businesses that need to purchase equipment in order to operate is another issue that has long plagued merchants and entrepreneurs wishing to start a new business. Equipment financing from MDS can solve that problem and allow them to purchase necessary equipment of all kinds to facilitate their startup. It would appear that starting and growing any kind of business, whether traditional or online, has never been easier than it could now be since the team-up of MDS and Karma Snack.

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