New Metrics for Affordable Search Engine Optimization Help Small Business Owners to Set Performance Expectations

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) August 01, 2013

Unlike with social media marketing, business owners dont see quantifiable results right away from their low cost SEO services. Many business people become frustrated with not knowing exactly when their efforts will achieve peak results.

How can a business know for certain what is expected from their affordable search engine optimization efforts, and more importantly, when that investment is going to bear fruit?

A new formula from i4 Solutions helps business owners to determine how soon their patience will achieve a healthy payoff. Anyone who denies that Internet marketing is an investment, and should be measured as such, is not familiar with the principles of marketing. This is why it is so critical for entrepreneurs to understand the weight of their efforts, and to know what is developing.

Long-term and short-term Internet marketing: what is the difference?

Social media marketing is a good example of short-term marketing because the work produces immediate results that can be viewed the first week of efforts. The long-term definition of low cost SEO services comes into play due to the amount of time it takes for the search engines to give credit for work that has been completed. With these new metrics for page authority and domain authority, it is easier for i4 Solutions to help clients predict a range of expectations for their website promotion efforts. Another major factor with affordable search engine optimization is the management, and persistent evaluation of links. This means taking a deep core sampling of how the website is being presented to search engines like Google, and what can be expected over time.

What are radical changes versus slow and steady changes in visibility?

Whenever a company engages their social media marketing, or produces aggressive work with low cost SEO services, there are many factors that can produce radical, or slow, steady changes in website visibility. Another factor i4 Solutions must consider in this new forecasting method for affordable search engine optimization is how visibility can be impacted by various website changes. For instance, if a company owns two websites, and both of them have achieved equal levels of credibility, the impact of a 301 redirect from one website to the other can create a dramatic shift in the visibility of the site. This can be measured with the new metrics by a deep analysis of current rankings, link structures, page authority, domain authority, and many other facets of website promotion. For more information, please visit

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