New Military Robots Show Off Strength

New Military Robots Show Off Strength

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4 Responses to New Military Robots Show Off Strength

  1. Omar Ibrahim M says:

    Or if the car owner removed the car, he/she still have 24 hours to pay online fine. If the fine not paid within 24hrs, then fine doubles, then by 48 hours it gets reported to the police cloud for it to be tracked by police systems to send botcruisers &jetbots within 25mile diamiter to send availible jets to send car to local jail for 2 weeks, to pay fine &releise car. The 3rd week car will be taken by terminators with others to the car yard for scrap donations to military industry

  2. Omar Ibrahim M says:

    just employ a two legged robot policing freedom to spot cars parked in a no parking zone, the driver has 5 minutes to remove the car and has 24 hours to pay the fine. After 5 minutes if the car is still parked a drone is called to air lift to a car prison, after 24 hours if the car has not been recovered by it’s owner and pay a fine the car will be scrap mettal donated to industry. 

  3. Reishi Black says:

    Movies train us mentally for ideas to come so we’ll accept this terrible stuff. Really sick shit.

  4. Javier Harrison Soto says:

    I believe eventually we’ll try inventing AI, human arrogance has knows no boundaries my friend!!

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