New No-Cost App Hungry Moles from Crumb Media is a Fun & Challenging Multi-Level Maze Adventure

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2015

Gamers who want to experience what some early reviewers are hailing as the most challenging maze game ever made, can head over to the App Store or Google Play and grab the fun, addictive and indeed very challenging new app Hungry Moles.

Available at no-cost and created by Crumb Media — the same developers behind the sports cap app Cap-z and the selfie-taking app SelfyMania Hungry Moles is an interactive, multi-level adventure starring a wacky, wild-eyed character named Murray the Mole. Heres the back story:

One day, Murray the Mole was doing what he loved best: digging for gems. But his scavenging caught the attention of Sylvia the Snake, who decided that hed be a lot tastier than the bird eggs she was about to snack on. Fortunately for Murray, snakes have a tendency to HISSSSS, and Sylvia was no exception. And so at the last minute, Murray turned around, saw that he was about to become snake food, and bolted away.

Thats where the Hungry Moles action starts. Gamers must put their memory and strategy skills to the test as they help Murray the Mole navigate through one maze after another, in order to finally arrive home safe and sound. Each level has specific objectives, including the maximum number of moves allowed, and the gems that are available to be collected. Gamers who collect enough gems can use them to add moves, lives, time and power-ups.

And speaking of power-ups: they come in very handy, because Murray has more than Sylvia to worry about. Each maze has at least one but usually a few unwelcome surprises, including bombs, dynamite and traps. Gamers must therefore have the insight to avoid these hazards, or the foresight to protect themselves with the right power-up (i.e. the power-up to protect against bombs only works for bombs; not dynamite or traps). Other cool power-ups include adding bonus moves, being able to make it past small stones in one move instead of two (theres no getting past the big stones or roots), and so on.

Other Hungry Moles special features include:

A handy gem counter that keeps track of progress
Crisp and colorful HD graphics
Fun music and sound effects (mute option available)
The ability to invite Facebook friends to play directly from the app

How many times have gamers downloaded a new app, only to get bored within a matter of minutes either because its too complicated or too easy? commented Alex Roberts of Crumb Media. Well, Hungry Moles is different! Its easy to understand and play, but very hard to master which means that gamers can look forward to having fun and putting their skills to the test for hours and hours. It could wind up being the best, most addictive game theyve ever played!

Hungry Moles, the fun and challenging multi-level maze adventure starring Murray the Mole, is available now at no-cost for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the App Store at It is also available for Android tablets and smartphones from Google Play at

Additional app information, including screenshots, is available at

For all other information including media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson on behalf of Crumb Media at +1 408 757 0156 or press(at)appshout(dot)com.

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