New Online Directory Features LAs 50 Most Influential Life Coaches through Videos and Guest Blogs

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

Everyone needs a coach, even the former CEO of Google. The challenge is how to find the right one? A new online directory called makes it easy to find, evaluate and connect with the right business or personal life coach. is the first directory of its kind. It facilitates the evaluation process by limiting participation to the top 50 life coaches in greater Los Angeles and featuring videos and guest blogs of those listed. Participants offer a broad spectrum of coaching specialties such as business coaching, career coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching, money and finance coaching, etc. One of the featured coaches is Celia Ward Wallace not only is she the Vice President and Master Trainer with the Certified Coaches Federation, she is also a premier expert in the fields of life coaching, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment. The Los Angeles area-specific directory is the pilot for similar life coach directories planned for San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, New York, and other major markets. leverages psychology and web technology in a novel way to facilitate the coach selection process. Life coaching is a one-on-one, highly personal relationship. There has to be chemistry, as well as trust, explains site developer Kevin Audley. As a psychotherapist for more than 20 years, Audley understands both sides of the consumer/life coach professional relationship. He designed to offer unique benefits to both. Audley explains: The only other life coach sites out there are huge and unfocused. Having hundreds of coaches dilutes the usefulness for either party. The traditional bio plus photo format of other directories is flat and boring and ultimately unhelpful. As a consumer, it is difficult to distinguish one coach from the next because each profile has nearly identical information. As a life coach, its extremely hard to stand out and really sell yourself. is the only online directory to feature embedded videos of its life coaches. Video enables our coaches to make a personal, 3-dimensional connection beyond their written bio or statement, explains Audley. In addition to videos, the website allows life coaches to reach out and pre-sell themselves through guest blogs.

These added features facilitate the consumers selection process, as well. They get to see the coachs ideas, energy level and communication style in action. This extra filtering can steer the consumer towards, or away from, a particular life coach.

Being local is another advantage for both consumers and participating coaches. The site is deliberately limited to only the top 50 life coaches in greater Los Angeles. We dont accept just anyone calling themselves a life coach. We select our coaches based on practice focus, reputation and consumer ratings, says Audley. The directory offers enough variety that people can find help for their specific life issue or goal. Visitors can sort listings by specialty (e.g., business coach, career coach, money and finance coach, fitness coach, etc.) or by other criteria such as coaches for men, coaches for women, Christian coaches, etc.

Los Angeles is the first market to roll out the (city)lifecoach concept. As former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says, everyone needs a life coach. Im confident in our directory model. We are already getting great feedback. As we receive more input from our life coaches and site users to improve the experience, well tweak the Los Angeles site and replicate our directories in other cities. Its very, very exciting, said Audley.


The online directory helps local Los Angeles-area consumers find professionals to help them make positive changes and reach their life goals. The directory is free for consumers.

Participation by professional s is deliberately limited to only 50 coaches, who offer a broad spectrum of coaching specialties such as business coaching, career coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching, money and finance coaching, etc.

The inclusion of life coach videos and guest blogs offers value for both participants and consumers. Participating coaches get unique exposure opportunities not available on other sites. Consumers get a 3-D view to help them decide which life coach will be the best fit for them.

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