New Paid Advertising Statistics Lead to Advertising Agency, Cleveland to Begin Giveaway

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

After a new study was release, advertising agency Cleveland RCBryan and Associates is giving away free consultations. According to Resolution Media and Kenshoo Social in their study Social Media Insights: Men are Cheap, men are responsible for 60% of the click volume on Facebook ads. The study also showed men have high retention rates and that ads targeting men cost less per click than ads targeting women. What does this information mean for business owners? Paid advertising through an advertising agency in Cleveland can be targeted and tracked so that the results are measurable.

Through the use of advertising agency RCBryan and Associates, business owners can ensure their internet marketing and paid advertising techniques are achieving the results they want. By using an advertising agency in Cleveland, local companies can work with someone they can meet face-to-face and that they can frequently consult with. RCBryan and Associates is an advertising agency that believes their clients successes are also their own successes. For this reason, they are result oriented and do all in their power to achieve the PPC (pay per click) and other internet marketing goals that their clients may have.

In order to better assist business owners with their paid advertising efforts, advertising agency Cleveland RCBryan and Associates is giving away free consultations. For those in the Cleveland area, this can be a face-to-face meeting, or for those outside of Ohio, they provide consultation phone calls as well. For more information on RCBryan and Associates or to get a free consultation, visit

About RCBryan and Associates:

RCBryan and Associates offers business coaching, mentoring, consulting as well as internet marketing services to companies and investors in all different niches. RCBryan and Associates, headed by acclaimed entrepreneur, Roger Bryan, features a team of the industrys most successful business coaches and mentors.

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