New Podcast Channel Debuts; Facebook Tagged as Most Liked Marketing Medium

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

Online marketer James Reynolds reinvented himself anew by etching another niche in the online marketing circle by hosting his own podcast channel, TrafficJam. To inaugaurate this new service, Reynolds invited Victoria Gibson, a Melbourne-based Online Marketing Specialist of Marveo to grace his program and to give insights on how social media, more specifically Facebook, improve online traffic and specialize internet marketing.

Gibson gave a few remarks regarding Facebook as a viable marketing tool for business. She implied that in just a few years after this social networking site was established, growth in website marketing exceeded her and Marveos expectations and was currently trending as the most liked marketing playfield.

Facebook, a popular medium targeting social and group interaction through the internet, was preceeded by Facemash in 2003 by Mark Zuckerberg and three of his Harvard high school buddies. After being a success as a school project for Harvard students, Facemash was reinvented, rebranded, and reintroduced by Zuckerberg to the public as Facebook.

Facebook became an instant success as it eclipsed Friendster, one the more popular social networking media back in 2002, and even outfollowing Twitter, established in 2006, by being voted as the most favorite social networking site as of February 1, 2013 by eBiz|MBA (

Facebook is a brilliant channel for them, if its not about selling, its about customer service, and hearing your customers and responding to their queries, concerns and creating advocates across, Victoria Gibson commented.

Branding itself as a medium par excellence, Facebook is facing the challenges of a rapidly evolving internet. And the prospect of being an alternative venue for internet marketers is quickly transforming its character from an ordinary social networking site to a cost-efficient commercial medium.

Online marketers and businesses have successfully accessed Facebooks wide audience share and made it their best liked platform for website merchandising. And with this increasing demand for Facebook exposure, these websites have fallen in a stiffer competition against themselves for online presence and site ranking.

Heavy website traffic is another reason why online marketers chose Facebook as their preferred partner in carrying their wares and tradenames across a wider spectrum of visitors. What I love about Facebook is that it takes all kinds and generally they are there, Gibson stated. Online companies that have a good personality attached to them, and that use video, those work extremely well. And anything in fashion and music is bound to skyrocket on Facebook as well, she added.

Facebook is also revamping itself to create a better interface that could help websites in selling their products and services while maintaining a professional PPC (pay-per-click) online service could aid as well in improving their website traffic.

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