New Primum eBook Unveils Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) September 25, 2014

Primum, a lead generation agency, is pleased to announce its latest eBook The 29 Smartest Ideas, Tips and Tricks for B2B Lead Generation. Now available for free download, the eBook provides dozens of proven ways to effectively and efficiently generate inbound leads.

Every company we meet wants better leads and that requires attracting the right people then engaging them through all the phases of their buying journey. said Colin Hutt, Primums president, Here at Primum we love providing our clients with actionable results, so we are thrilled to share ideas to help generate more leads.

Only 1 in 10 marketers believe that their lead generation campaigns are effective. Primum, along with their partner HubSpot, have tested different tactics that have provided clients tangible results. Primums blog, Inbound ASAP, provides additional insights, guidance and support for navigating the complex world of B2B content marketing.

The eBook is compromised of tips and tricks relating to core components of inbound lead generation, including:

Content and Offers: tips on creating irresistible offers with high value
Calls-to-action: how to capture your audiences attention and persuade them to click
Landing Pages: elements of high conversion rate pages
Forms: guidelines for creating visitor friendly forms
Channels: how to use multiple channels like email, blog, and social media to optimize your reach

To Download The 29 Smartest Ideas, Tips and Tricks for B2B Lead Generation, click here.

About Primum Marketing Communications

Primum Marketing Communications specializes in helping clients attract new customers through inbound marketing strategies and tactics, including branded content, public relations, social media, email marketing and website optimization. For more information, please visit or call


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