New product launch – Online Estate Agents under the microscope

(PRWEB UK) 2 February 2014

Compare Online Agents launches its new website application today. This will save the public thousands of pounds and challenges high street Agents expensive outdated commission charges.

Clarity, choice, and the ability to measure or prove its value.

These are the salient points any business sector need to function well. Unfortunately, they are not often associated with Estate Agency. Robert Ashley, Co-Founder of Compare Online Agents explains:

Having sold many properties over the years, I always feel I am paying too much for high street Agents who vaguely justify why my house is not selling. However, even those Agents who allowed me access to figures failed to convince me they had earned their commission payment at the end.

Ultimately, if Agents cannot guarantee results – then their charges must drop, and people should be allowed greater clarity to make more informed choices about products they can control and measure. So we created an online website to do just that.

The comparison website guides sellers through the important questions required to reduce the eventual cost of selling a home. It puts the public firmly in the driving seat and reduces confusion in minutes. This is the first time users can see clearly what they are paying for, based on their choices. It blows the market wide open with comparable nuggets of information taken from across the UK, rather than limiting choices to local high street Agents. Such as offering a PAYG (Pay As You Go) payment method to sell a house.

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