New Report From Carlos Xuma: How To Seduce Women – Bring Up The New Royal Baby In Conversation

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2012

The news out of London that Will and Kate are expecting has women burning up Twitter and Facebook with giddiness. This gives any guy an opportunity to show his romantic side, just by bringing up the royal baby news, says Dating Expert Carlos Xuma in his new report.

Men who are experts at how to seduce a woman know that tapping into those romantic emotions is a great technique to seduction, Xuma says in his report. Women who are talking about the royal baby will then associate those dreamy, feel-good emotions with the guy and this can only help.

This technique is one of many Xuma teaches in his report on seduction.

Essentially the idea is for a guy to associate himself with emotions that are exciting or seductive or positive, Xuma says. In this case, it is an opportunity for a guy to show his romantic side. Deep down every guy has one, right? But seriously, showing this side to women is important in seduction and dating.

In addition, Xuma assures it never hurts to impress women with a tiny bit of exciting pop culture knowledge.

Theyve been burning up Twitter and Facebook all day talking about it so a guy can just play right into those emotions, Xuma says in his report on how to seduce a woman. Being aware of cultural events like this is also a great way to spark a lively conversation.

Knowledge of Will and Kate and their doings is a great way to open a conversation, as well, Xuma says. In other words, men brushing up on their knowledge of how to seduce women should bear in mind that topics like these can be a great thing to talk about if a guy has never seen a girl in his life before and is approaching for the first time and also for a guy who is in a long-term relationship and wants to remind his girl of his romantic side.

The guy just needs to make sure he doesnt know too much about the royal baby or he might come off a little creepy, says Xuma about the report. But a little bit of knowledge about that and some mention of romance might spark something else entirely. Many women melt when a guy shows his romantic side. It is a perfect counterbalance to the alpha male behavior that men work so hard to exhibit. And the beauty is that a romantic side takes nothing away from alpha male traits. In fact, it only enhances those protective, nurturing leadership qualities.

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