New Seafloor in Google Earth Tour

Explore the ocean seafloor with Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) Synthesis covering half of a…

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16 Responses to New Seafloor in Google Earth Tour

  1. Revstoningpot says:

    3:21 what makes those long lines with the short cross hatching lines. I see them all over on google earth.

  2. Nic Adair says:

    Forget this crap. How about Google Earth updating some of the satellite images? Why have images from 2005 not been updated?

  3. Cleisla Motta says:

    muito bom eu amei… lindo vìdeo gracias.

  4. Pragmatic Statistic says:

    Check out my Google Map and its Google Earth KML file of thOceanic Trenches and other Undersea Phenomena at MyReadingMapped. As for the above request for shipwrecks, check out several of my Sunken Ship and Ship Graveyard maps that plot hundreds of sunken ships, many of which can be seen in the water.

  5. Hush Whisper says:

    Hidden in Our Inspirations and Hidden all over this planet in the Landscaping- God Hid Watermarks and in them He tells things about the past, present and future. I found them and made videos out of some of them. I found the Garden of Eden and I found what happened right before that and it shows pictures of God in them. Please come look and see something really fascinating. God’s real and I can prove it. Please help me share this.

  6. Vladislav4005 says:


  7. Hush Whisper says:

    You heard people say- “it will never be found”, “it ain’t true”, “it just can’t be”. I’m here to tell you these People are wrong- I found it. Using Google Earth – I found God’s Watermarks of the REAL Garden of Eden. Look at my Channel and see the Video I made of it. I didn’t point all of it out either- there are many things still hid for you to find. I even have a picture of God- come see!

  8. UnifyingTruthProject says:

    If you are a truth seeker, search “Truth Contest” in Google and click on the 1st result, then open The Present and read what it says. Everyone needs to see this. The Present will turn this world right-side up if it reaches enough people. You will see what I mean when you read the first page.

  9. blueluny says:

    I cant wait for the day when all the shipwrecks appear on g-earth

  10. Chris lis says:

    no fuckin shit right. every word she finishes saying she ends with a weird tone that sounds so stupid.

  11. Hush Whisper says:

    I’m the discoverer who found the REA:L Garden of Eden. Take a look at my Channel and see if for yourself.

  12. Mikey Marshall says:

    i just got the down load you guys have 2 get this u can see the titanic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps its uh-byss-ull not ah – byss – ull real nice grammar dope sorry vroom 2 ruin your enthusiasm i think i am the first kid 2 find it all i had 2 was put it *titanic * and then put in pin points if ur smart its easy

  13. Mikey Marshall says:

    i just got the down load you guys have 2 get this u can see the titanic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps its uh-byss-ull not ah – byss – ull real nice grammar dope

  14. xAjmiller34x says:

    You actually can see titanic

  15. BoringPeopleEnt says:

    you have bad grammar

  16. bravegirl007 says:

    I’ve been waiting for an application like this go be developed. Way to go Google! :)

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