New Search Engine Optimization Reporting Platform Planned for Launch in Winter 2013 for SEO Services

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) May 06, 2013

Every business owner is familiar with the concept of the wizard behind the curtain. This is more accurate for Internet marketing services than any other form of business communication.

In response to the demand for constant updates and more affordable SEO services, i4 Solutions has decided to automate their reporting processes to conserve valuable production hours that would otherwise be spent manually generating and interpreting reports for clients. When it comes to low cost search engine optimization and social media marketing, there is no better saving grace than reports that keep the client updated. This is among the top struggles in the market today as there are so many firms promising results that simply cannot be achieved under Google’s stringent new rules for quality.

What is the new formula?

When it comes to having the capacity and resources to provide clients affordable SEO services, there are no greater challenges than the production of content, auditing the implementation, and staying in contact with the client regarding their timeline. Unlike social media marketing, where clients can easily see the results of work being completed in real-time, the problem with low cost search engine optimization is that there is very little left over in the budget for strong customer service once the company has covered the investment to achieve the initial results.

Catch and release or catch and stay caught?

The biggest dilemma for a business owner when it comes to Internet promotion is the inability to know whether or not they are making a good decision. Again, since the social media marketing conduit provides the client an active window into production, it is virtually self-sufficient with regard to updating clients on success. Alternatively, when providing low cost search engine optimization, the major disadvantage is that it takes more time to deliver results to a client. For instance, if a client has a market that dictates a fifteen-hundred dollar budget, but the salesperson wants to provide affordable SEO services, and sign the client up to a six -hundred dollar budget instead, the ability to produce results quickly becomes ineffective. If a client is expecting results from their marketing at six months, but due to the price they were offered, results cannot be achieved for nine months… Now there is a customer service problem.

With this new reporting platform, i4 Solutions hopes to eliminate delays in client communications or misunderstandings with expectations from project start until final delivery. For more information, please visit:

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