New SEO For Real Estate Programs Available For 2013 Summer Months

Nationwide (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

ARME, a website development company based in Clearwater, FL announces the release of their latest 2013 real estate SEO programs. This website development toolkit will now allow ARME to manage clients’ accounts with a greater level of development and an increased level of productivity for the home seller community.

Now, for a limited time, new real estate broker clients can sign up for a SEO account with ARME for as little as $ 99 per month. Brokerages can receive a complete overhaul of their existing site as well as direct access to their high powered proprietary web development toolkit for building out large, targeted websites geared towards attracting motivated buyers,

The ARME Realty web development toolkit is essentially a software plugin that is attached to a Joomla website. This plugin then allows for the collection of data, such as city, state and zip code combinations in relation to the geographical area in which the realtor or broker does business, as well as keyword combinations.

The collected data is then complied and transferred into a system which allows for the creation of articles to the website. Website ranking and the ability for a website to grow is based on several factors including, articles, content, keywords, social media and links.

The man power and time required to build a website at this level of development requires the attention of a website development company. Many companies require a minimum of two months before the client will begin to see their pages to be picked up by search engines, such as Google.

ARME Realty can guarantee that clients will see pages begin to be picked up, including first page ranking within the first week. The ARME Realty web development toolkit was developed by ARME and is a proprietary system, and the results so far have been absolutely outstanding,” said Simon Landers, spokesperson for ARME Realty.

“We’re excited about the new clients that the development of this software has brought to ARME Realty, and we are looking forward to what the future has to hold for our company as well as the real estate industry.”

If you would like to learn more about ARME Realty and their web development toolkit then please call (727) 459-8841 and speak with an agent.

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