6 Replies to “New SEO Tactics Tutorial for 2013 and 2014 – Links, Social, Usage, Secrets, Leaks & More”

  1. I have´╗┐ been wondering, do you think Google are aware users signed who visit black hat sites? If we link authorship to our sites then would they link user internet activity to the website itself? I realize this would be a breach in privacy but I would not put it past any company, just for the record I don’t do black hat lol.

  2. Very interesting and informative video, like always, Josh! Well, 10% are better than nothing… Having secrets (and let people know it!!!) can make a person more intriguing and…. yes, sometimes even more attractive. I´╗┐ use the same strategy for my life and my business too, by the way ­čśë I need your blessing on my link building tactic for a brand new site… Guess I’ll have to bother you soon, if you don’t mind…

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