New Service Helps Dilute SPAM Content on the Internet by Helping Webmasters Create Good Quality Articles Designed to Inform and Raise Interest of Visitors

Broomfield, CO (PRWEB) January 9, 2006

A new service to help battle the problem of low quality content appearing on the Internet has been launched. Drive Traffic To My Website has announced the availability of an affordable service that will allow the average web site owner to create quality content for their websites, or to use as articles to promote their businesses.

All of the buzz out there about using articles to promote your website or business, has caused a number of websites to pop up where authors can submit their articles. The problem isnt finding a place to submit your articles, its writing content that would interest a Webmaster or ezine publisher enough to publish it, said B. Hopkins of Drive Traffic To My Website.

Unfortunately most website owners arent writers and dont know the steps required to writing quality content to promote their website or business, said Hopkins

The average website owner who is creating articles to promote their business, needs an easy step-by-step approach to help them create quality articles. Quality content is the key to getting people to visit their website and become interested in their business. Articles that are designed to be informative, are more likely to get picked up by other publishers, and more likely to be read by website visitors.

Currently website owners can access the service at Drive Traffic To My Website where aspiring writers are taken through a step-by-step system that will help them write quality articles in less time. The service also includes a few key things that need to be considered when writing articles to promote a website, or business. It doesnt do any good to write a great article and then leave out the important factors that will encourage people to visit the website, or contact the business owner.

A subscriber will end up with an article that is ready to post to their website, or to be sent to an ezine publisher to be published in the publishers ezine. Articles are also created in text and html format and are designed to be self-promoting. Our relationships with other websites will also help to promote these articles in an effective format.

Drive Traffic To My Website is an online subscription service that allows average website owners to become publishers of quality website content that is formatted to increase the number of visitors to their websites. To find out more information, visit

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