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Los Angeles, Calfifornia (PRWEB) September 17, 2013

New services offered through launched September 3, 2013.

To maintain a positive business reputation and make the best use of resources, new firms can be Internet savvy and cost-effective from day one by combining key elements to help their businesses gain web attention with resources that will also deal with online reputation management, protecting against attacks on their business reputation.

Well-targeted choices of keywords and phrases for search engine optimization (SEO) are the most important decisions a business makes toward a strong web presence overall, and toward a strong defense of its online reputation, said Tony Tateossian, CEO of, an online reputation management service. The firm is a new division of Sticky Web Media, an SEO company Tateossian founded in 2009, which places companies among the top five in Web results in their business categories.

Effective keywords and phrases need to do two things, he said. One, be relevant by using terms people enter for searches. While those include the businesss name, people often dont know, or dont type in the exact name of a business. So other identifiers need to be added. They might include the kind of business, such as restaurant or plumbing services, and the city or area of the city where the business is located. Online businesses launching to a national audience have different needs to establish a presence among their competition. SEO experts also use their knowledge to develop keywords and phrases that are unique and go beyond general terms to more quickly pull web traffic to a new or expanding business.

Those keywords are invaluable when a business is attacked, which Tateossian said is inevitable. The attack may be relatively minor such as a bad review on one of the many Internet sites that invite public reviews of businesses, or could be a major attack from several directions from an unhappy customer. And, he said, that while one or two negative reviews might not appear to be a problem, if they appear near the top of the search engines for that company and arent quickly replaced by positive reviews or other content, they can be a problem.

Keywords allow an online reputation management service to provide the best damage control because they can target solutions that appear on the first page of search engine results along with the business listing.

If existing keywords dont lead to the first page of search results, the business owner will want to adopt the more effective words developed by the online reputation management service. Updating a web sites tags and copy is time-consuming and can be avoided by starting with the most effective keywords.

Using online reputation management services also helps diminish the visibility of online attacks on a business reputation because the keyword system put in place keeps the first page of listings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines full of entries linked to the companys keyword system, preventing malicious attacks from gaining prominence. Maintaining a presence on social media, with Facebook and Twitter at the top of the list, is another effective way to deter attacks because search engines usually pick up social media first among web content, Tateossian said.

Tateossian has been the SEO director of Sticky Web Media since 2006. It frequently partners with, and both firms specialize in small and medium-sized businesses. Reach e-reputationManagement at or phone 213-377-5133.


E-reputationManagement provides online management reputation services including keyword development, responses to negative online reviews or attacks, online reputation monitoring and advice on avoiding online reputation problems.

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